14 April 2009

Vintage Musings

. . . Ok, not musings, but I do want to share with you one of my new subscriptions on YouTube.

I just found superkawaiimama on YouTube. She has some hair tutorials there, and she's beautiful!

Instead of doing my homework of reading and workshopping papers, I did my hair. Yeah. There are only three and a half weeks of school left, and I'm watching YouTube videos . . .

So, here's my attempt and one of superkawaiimama's styles:

What do you think?

I know I need to get some knitting and such done, but damn YouTube and homework!

Oh, I've also been a bit obsessed with Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's fantastic. You should really check it out. It's a rock opera about repossessing organs in the not too distant future. There's Alexa Vega, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, and Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy!), to mention a few. They all sing wonderfully, and it's just amazing and addicting.

Off to a meeting . . .

12 April 2009

Amazon Rank

I cannot believe what Amazon just recently did:
They removed many LGBTQ (basically gay) titles/books with "adult" content from their rankings which makes it virtually impossible to search for those titles which have been removed. Please read more about Amazon Rank.

You can also visit Violet Blue's last blog post about this: "What the F*ck, Amazon?"

(Warning: Both sites linked above are adult in nature.)

In other news, I only have four more weeks of school. Mark and I are looking for an apartment here for the summer. I feel the need to knit but cannot find the time. I should be doing my homework instead of reading blogs...

So here I go! Good night, please read about the Amazon thing, and Googlebomb the phrase "Amazon Rank!"