05 March 2010

French Dessert

Those are little clafoutis, some with mango and banana and some with apples. My French professor had my class of three students over her house one night for dinner. Yummy cheese bread, quiche, and an African dish were had.

Oh, I'm taking guitar lessons, finally. And my fingertips hurt, but I enjoy practicing.

05 October 2009

Of Sad Ghosties and Cyclops Owls

Just tried sugar cookies for the first time ever last night, and they're so much fun (and time consuming to decorate).

That evil orange kitty probably bit off the poor ghosty's arm. Sad day.

Woot for owls. So cute. We will definitely by making more of these for Halloween.

What are you going to be?

14 April 2009

Vintage Musings

. . . Ok, not musings, but I do want to share with you one of my new subscriptions on YouTube.

I just found superkawaiimama on YouTube. She has some hair tutorials there, and she's beautiful!

Instead of doing my homework of reading and workshopping papers, I did my hair. Yeah. There are only three and a half weeks of school left, and I'm watching YouTube videos . . .

So, here's my attempt and one of superkawaiimama's styles:

What do you think?

I know I need to get some knitting and such done, but damn YouTube and homework!

Oh, I've also been a bit obsessed with Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's fantastic. You should really check it out. It's a rock opera about repossessing organs in the not too distant future. There's Alexa Vega, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, and Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy!), to mention a few. They all sing wonderfully, and it's just amazing and addicting.

Off to a meeting . . .

12 April 2009

Amazon Rank

I cannot believe what Amazon just recently did:
They removed many LGBTQ (basically gay) titles/books with "adult" content from their rankings which makes it virtually impossible to search for those titles which have been removed. Please read more about Amazon Rank.

You can also visit Violet Blue's last blog post about this: "What the F*ck, Amazon?"

(Warning: Both sites linked above are adult in nature.)

In other news, I only have four more weeks of school. Mark and I are looking for an apartment here for the summer. I feel the need to knit but cannot find the time. I should be doing my homework instead of reading blogs...

So here I go! Good night, please read about the Amazon thing, and Googlebomb the phrase "Amazon Rank!"

14 March 2009

What do you think?

I tried doing my hair like they did in the 40s/50s. I went to YouTube, and used this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljLqBWXMv4M&feature=related. It really helped, and I can't wait to try out more looks!

Of Bubbles and Music

Yesterday when Mark and I went out walking to the grocery store, there were a couple of girls just sitting outside on the grass. One played the guitar and sang beautifully while the other blew bubbles. It looked like the perfect thing to do on the perfectly beautiful day it was.

I cannot wait for the summer here. Everyone says that it makes up for the winter. I want to wear skirts again and prance around outside. I want to learn to play my guitar and blow bubbles. I want to go out and have a nice little picnic then take a nap in the shade.

Have you checked out our Etsy store? Please tell us what you like, don't like, and what you would add/change. Thank you!

Ooh. You know what else? The Decemberists are coming to Denver in May. We really want to go. Anyone want to give us a lift? Their new album, The Hazards of Love, is super amazing. I love hearing more of the girl's voice. So pretty. Lovely music.

Well, I'll leave you to your Saturday. Go out and have fun. I'm going to go put up my hair pin up girl style.

27 February 2009

So . . .

Mark and I finally started up our Etsy store: SandMstore.Etsy.com. I have a little box on the side of this blog somewhere for it. Check it out. Constructive criticism is welcome. Any ideas on what else to make and sell? Mark is getting into chainmailling - it's really neat!

What else? . . .
Not too much other stuff. We've been sick on and off. I think I've missed more days of class this semester due to illness than any in the past. Ah, well.

What's everyone doing for Spring Break? I'm fairly sure I'm staying here, but what to do?! Relax. Yes. Don't we all need that.

Ok, back to bed. Or making things for Etsy.

19 January 2009

Yeah, I know it's been a while since an update, so here:
For the Christmas Knitting category:
Dad's Peekaboo mittens,

Mom's Silver's Sock Class sock number 1,

Amy's Pretty Puffs slouchy hat,

And now I'm working on my mom's other sock, the Thorpe hat, and Riverwalk - an open beaded scarf:

And Mark and I are going to start our Etsy store soon. So far, we have ideas of making jewelry, crocheted Java Jackets, stitch markers, belts made out of neckties, and some knitted hairbows. He's the one making jewelry and he's more into crocheting than I am. I do have my mom's sewing machine here with me, so I can make other stuff like wallets and I don't know what else. We need to come up with a style for the store. So, if you have any ideas on what that style should be or what else we could sell, post a comment here or find me on Facebook. I'm really into recycling/upcycling stuff.

Other than the knitting and the store, I've been a little gardener - sort of:

The first picture is chamomile. The three from the left are lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm. My brother gave me the kit for Christmas. Thank you! So far, so good.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Let us celebrate what that wonderful man has done for our world.

15 October 2008

Oh-So-Comfy Socks and Reading

So there they are. One is more tightly knit than the other, but OMG are they comfortable! (See previous post for link to pattern.) I used Plymouth: Encore: Worsted: Dark or Forest Green. Socks are so much easier than what I thought. Now I will try a more complicated pattern soon!

Hmm, so are you all registered to vote?! Watching the debates? Tonight is Pres Debate #3 - can't wait to see what Obama and McCain say. Ooh, and it's one of the final (or The final) episodes of Project Runway. Yay.

On another note, for my French Literature class, I have to choose a short novel by a french author. I went to the library today and picked out:
The Stranger by Albert Camus
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire
Dreams of my Russian Summers by Andrei Makine

Which one should I read? (I think I may just read Twenty Thousand Leagues for fun.)

Then today I am going to read the short story of The Passer Through Walls by Marcel Ayme. Sounds great to read - yay, reading.

Anyway, maybe I should get to that and some other homework before my *busy* night ahead of me.

Good day.

29 September 2008

Not Much in a While

Well, my camera seems to not be working. This is most of the reason why I haven't been posting.

Anyway, I've finished my first sock using Silvers Sock Class. Easy, easy, easy - why haven't I knit socks until now?

Last weekend I went to Boulder. Saw Choke - amazing movie. Then saw Sigur Ros at Red Rocks. What a fantastic concert!

Um, not much else. I'll try to post pics using the boyfriend's phone a bit later.

25 August 2008

My Mary-Janes

Originally uploaded by rockiegirl
Well, after a year or so, I decided to finished a ridiculously easy pair of house slippers. These are sure to keep my toesies warm this winter.

I have been spinning a little. I'm about done with one of the three singles in my next drop spindle project.

Other news: I start classes today. I'm a little nervous but pretty excited.

Oh, did you want to know the pattern for the slippers? Here you go:
It's from my beloved Craftster.org, and it's super simple to follow. Have fun!