15 October 2008

Oh-So-Comfy Socks and Reading

So there they are. One is more tightly knit than the other, but OMG are they comfortable! (See previous post for link to pattern.) I used Plymouth: Encore: Worsted: Dark or Forest Green. Socks are so much easier than what I thought. Now I will try a more complicated pattern soon!

Hmm, so are you all registered to vote?! Watching the debates? Tonight is Pres Debate #3 - can't wait to see what Obama and McCain say. Ooh, and it's one of the final (or The final) episodes of Project Runway. Yay.

On another note, for my French Literature class, I have to choose a short novel by a french author. I went to the library today and picked out:
The Stranger by Albert Camus
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire
Dreams of my Russian Summers by Andrei Makine

Which one should I read? (I think I may just read Twenty Thousand Leagues for fun.)

Then today I am going to read the short story of The Passer Through Walls by Marcel Ayme. Sounds great to read - yay, reading.

Anyway, maybe I should get to that and some other homework before my *busy* night ahead of me.

Good day.

29 September 2008

Not Much in a While

Well, my camera seems to not be working. This is most of the reason why I haven't been posting.

Anyway, I've finished my first sock using Silvers Sock Class. Easy, easy, easy - why haven't I knit socks until now?

Last weekend I went to Boulder. Saw Choke - amazing movie. Then saw Sigur Ros at Red Rocks. What a fantastic concert!

Um, not much else. I'll try to post pics using the boyfriend's phone a bit later.

25 August 2008

My Mary-Janes

Originally uploaded by rockiegirl
Well, after a year or so, I decided to finished a ridiculously easy pair of house slippers. These are sure to keep my toesies warm this winter.

I have been spinning a little. I'm about done with one of the three singles in my next drop spindle project.

Other news: I start classes today. I'm a little nervous but pretty excited.

Oh, did you want to know the pattern for the slippers? Here you go:
It's from my beloved Craftster.org, and it's super simple to follow. Have fun!

14 August 2008

Getting dizzy?

Originally uploaded by rockiegirl
So I've been spinning!

Here is my turquoise/gray hank.

I'm now working on something for the Ravelympics 2008. It'll be three different shades of pink. I will show photos after a while.

Have a great day!

11 August 2008

Rainy Days Make for Fantastic Spinning

Well, I've got a lot to tell!

Firstly, Here are some pictures from a spin-in at a local coffee shop. There were six of us spinning. All of the yarn was beautiful. I worked on some light gray merino to ply with that turquoise. Luci was learning some more from Rosemary. Julie was spinning some fantastic black/white/gray alpaca. Erin started a new project and was plying on the fly! Rosemary's daughter jumped in, and before we knew it, we were spinning devils!

Here's Julie and Erin spinning up a storm!
That day was fantastic! After a while of spinning, it started to rain. Hard. And then I had to drive in it. That was a wee bit terrifying.
So, I did finish that turquoise/gray yarn. I shall post photos soon.
My parents got me a gift certificate to the LYS at home, so before I left the last knit night, I stocked up on some roving and yarn. I actually picked up some dpn's, and I'm finally going to make socks!!! Wish me luck!
Then . . .
I moved back to college yesterday! YAY! It's so wonderful here. The weather is beautiful, my best friends are here, . . . it's just fantastic.
Now I'm off to take some photos of my room, the campus, and other knitting/spinning projects; going to sew a papasan chair cushion; and just mosey around town.

30 July 2008

July! July!

So it's July. Almost August. Wow. It's been a long summer. Over the summer, I have accomplished 7 things:

1. Held a long-distance relationship with the boyfriend and we're still mad for each other
2. Worked a 5-day-a-week job
3. Finally have money (from said job)
4. Learned to knit more advanced things
5. Learned to spin yarn on a drop spindle
6. Wanted to go back to school to see much missed friends and weather
7. Learned even more about myself - I love it when that happens (I think)


On to knitting, spinning, and such:

I have learned to spin! I have two spindles. The one I love is made by Rosemary from www.rosemaryknits.blogspot.com. Check her out! Oh, and here is the spindle with some turquoise wool 1-ply yarn:

Did you notice? I got a new camera recently! YAY! Now I shall definitely blog more.

Ravelry still rocks. Please go look at it and JOIN! It's fantastic.

Must go spin.

28 April 2008

Dracula's Daughter

I saw Colin Meloy this weekend! My roommate, boyfriend, and I went to Boulder to see him perform in the Fox Theater. Oh my god was he amazing! For those of you who don't know, Mr. Meloy is the lead singer for the band, The Decemberists. Colin had a fantastic opener: Laura Gibson is touring with him, and I absolutely love her folk sound. This weekend was wonderful.
Since the last post, I have made a boob hat for my roommate (it's way better than mine). I'll post some pictures soon. Then I will be crocheting a new one for me and one for my boyfriend.
I've started the Rib Lace Bolero. I have knitted a huge hair bow. I started another hair bow for my roommate.

Only two more weeks of school. Yay finals! (NOT) Well, I will be knitting and crocheting to keep stress levels down. Talk with you all later!

25 March 2008

i Palindrome i

There's the boob hat. It's my first crochet garment. I love it. I will knit more. I've also been crocheting even more owls - it really is becoming a parliament!

Other than crocheting, I've realized I have homework I should be doing. So, yeah. Trying not to procrastinate.

Alas - HOMEWORK! Must get to it.

Be seeing you!

21 March 2008

Hou Hou Hou

Le Hibou dit bonjour! Hou hou hou

I am so excited to have finished a crochet project! Oh, besides the Boob Hat - I need to put that up. Anyway, isn't Owlie adorable?! I can't wait to finish a whole family. For more about this project, see me on Ravelry.

Other fiber news: The boyfriend bought us yarn over Spring Break. And yesterday he asked me to start a circle crochet for him in one of the yarns . . . OH MY GOD is that yarn the BEST to work with! It's di.ve Autunno from Vergnasco, Italy. It is just gorgeous! It's 100% fine merino, and AH! I must get more. He also got a couple little rolls of a nice novelty-looking yarn. It's really soft and furry and definitely will be used. THANK YOU!!!

Well, I've been catching up on knitting podcasts for the last month or so. I listen to Cast On and Stash and Burn. I just listened to the newest Stash and Burn episode, learned there was a new Knitty out, and I just love working on a project or browsing Ravelry (or working) and just listen to what other knitters are up to.

Tonight and tomorrow the boyfriend and the roommate and I are going to dye eggs, paint eggs, have and Easter egg hunt, and celebrate the candy and hard-boiled goodness of Zombie Jesus Day.

I will be sure to post the Boob Hat very soon. I leave you with Owlie hanging out with Batman, Edgar Allen Poe, Captain Jack Harkness, and Jamie on the window sill.

24 February 2008

Une Semence

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is my first crocheted FO!!! (left) I was making a granny square and I started making a tube. I like the way it turned out. It is hanging on my bed (as seen in the photo), and now I want to make a bunch of small cutesy things to hang off of it.

I plan on making a crocheted yoga mat bag soon. After all that college homework I must do. Bah.

Good afternoon.

18 January 2008

Don't Panic!

"Don't ever forget your towel . . ."

Sitting here watching HG2G - fantastic!

This semester is starting along greatly. I like most of my classes, I get to see my friends here, and the best part of all, it feels like home. I'm trying to knit more - I really do love it - and instead of just watching many movies, I shall watch many movies while knitting - woot!!!

As I've said, I taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - finally I got a picture:

Other news, I finished a scarf. It's a simple knit-longways-with-many-colors, and I love it.

Thanks to the DB for the use of his cell phone camera!

Back to knitting . . . or Ravelry . . . or knitting. Knitting AND Ravelry? Ta-ta.

05 January 2008

I Can See!

So, I got a couple pairs of glasses today. My prescription has doubled since three years ago - woah. Went to cookie-making get-together, pie, and philosophical discussions over knitting. Tomorrow shall be more knitting plus girl talk and Torchwood. Only about one more week until I go back "home" - second home that is. I love school.

I suppose I should be going to bed here soon. Yep.

Good night!

03 January 2008

Feed Me


I finally figured out the RSS feed thing for my blog on Ravelry. I have been on that site non-stop. It's amazing. I've started to update my stash. Once I get the use of a camera, this blog and Ravelry shall see more photos of my stuff.

On another note, I can't wait to go back to school - I'm missing my friends there. Did I mention most of my yarn stash is there? But really, I cannot express enough how much miss them all - my friends, that is.

Well, on to knitting? Or more Ravelry. Yeah, Ravelry.

Ta, ta.

02 January 2008

Resolution: Knit and Post

It's 2008, and I suppose my resolution should be to keep up with my blog. I'm crafting more and more, so this shouldn't be a problem . . . maybe. I've decided to frog the HP scarf when I get back to school. The cats peed on it in the summer, and I just might as well throw it - I wasn't that far. So, on the needles currently is a log cabin blanket and a couple scarves. I'm thinking about going to the library and getting some movies to watch while I knit.

Taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - he's taking off with it - I'm so proud. We went into a rather large yarn store the other day, and ah! It was great in there!

Hmm - that red purse I have on the side . . . I don't know exactly where I put it. Hmm.

Have a great new year - Happy Crafting!