18 January 2008

Don't Panic!

"Don't ever forget your towel . . ."

Sitting here watching HG2G - fantastic!

This semester is starting along greatly. I like most of my classes, I get to see my friends here, and the best part of all, it feels like home. I'm trying to knit more - I really do love it - and instead of just watching many movies, I shall watch many movies while knitting - woot!!!

As I've said, I taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - finally I got a picture:

Other news, I finished a scarf. It's a simple knit-longways-with-many-colors, and I love it.

Thanks to the DB for the use of his cell phone camera!

Back to knitting . . . or Ravelry . . . or knitting. Knitting AND Ravelry? Ta-ta.

05 January 2008

I Can See!

So, I got a couple pairs of glasses today. My prescription has doubled since three years ago - woah. Went to cookie-making get-together, pie, and philosophical discussions over knitting. Tomorrow shall be more knitting plus girl talk and Torchwood. Only about one more week until I go back "home" - second home that is. I love school.

I suppose I should be going to bed here soon. Yep.

Good night!

03 January 2008

Feed Me


I finally figured out the RSS feed thing for my blog on Ravelry. I have been on that site non-stop. It's amazing. I've started to update my stash. Once I get the use of a camera, this blog and Ravelry shall see more photos of my stuff.

On another note, I can't wait to go back to school - I'm missing my friends there. Did I mention most of my yarn stash is there? But really, I cannot express enough how much miss them all - my friends, that is.

Well, on to knitting? Or more Ravelry. Yeah, Ravelry.

Ta, ta.

02 January 2008

Resolution: Knit and Post

It's 2008, and I suppose my resolution should be to keep up with my blog. I'm crafting more and more, so this shouldn't be a problem . . . maybe. I've decided to frog the HP scarf when I get back to school. The cats peed on it in the summer, and I just might as well throw it - I wasn't that far. So, on the needles currently is a log cabin blanket and a couple scarves. I'm thinking about going to the library and getting some movies to watch while I knit.

Taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - he's taking off with it - I'm so proud. We went into a rather large yarn store the other day, and ah! It was great in there!

Hmm - that red purse I have on the side . . . I don't know exactly where I put it. Hmm.

Have a great new year - Happy Crafting!