24 August 2007

(((BIG SIGH)))

Well, I'm here - college that is. I'm all moved in, and I'm wiped! Who knew you could fit so much in our SUV?! I've met my roommate, and she's awesome! She, too, is obsessed with Doctor Who. Gotta love it. I rode my bicycle over here to the computers (I don't know where the one in my dorms is). Maybe I should go to the car show on Main. Hmm. Well, classes start Monday (I'M GOING RAFTING TOMORROW!!!), and I have 15 - FIFTEEN!!! - books for my six classes. Most of them are short novels, stories, and plays, but I can still complain, right? I could go read. But I don't know which to read first! Rather, French? Meh. I'm bored and tired and blah.

In other news, I have a mobile - if you want the number, ask someone who has it or comment or e-mail me or something. I'd love to hear from you all!

15 August 2007


Ah, the wonders of wireless Internet. I absolutely love this! I'm at the library - on MY computer - on THE Internet. Huh.

In other news, only 9 more days until I move away for college. I'm in single digits. AH! Also, in other new, I am 18! Go ciggies and porn!!! Not really.

I don't have much else to say really. Oh, I have been getting interested in zombies - they're effing awesome. I am going to watch as many zombie movies as possible. I think my roommate watches them? I've tried to draw zombies also. Meh, on that front - I need better drawing skills. I have learned about organized zombie walks - I want to join one.

Well, now, I guess that's it. Ta ta.

(Courtesy of Macteens.com)