15 August 2007


Ah, the wonders of wireless Internet. I absolutely love this! I'm at the library - on MY computer - on THE Internet. Huh.

In other news, only 9 more days until I move away for college. I'm in single digits. AH! Also, in other new, I am 18! Go ciggies and porn!!! Not really.

I don't have much else to say really. Oh, I have been getting interested in zombies - they're effing awesome. I am going to watch as many zombie movies as possible. I think my roommate watches them? I've tried to draw zombies also. Meh, on that front - I need better drawing skills. I have learned about organized zombie walks - I want to join one.

Well, now, I guess that's it. Ta ta.

(Courtesy of Macteens.com)

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