30 July 2007

Look! Another One Pooped!

I went to the zoo today with a few friends. I hadn't been in a couple years, and I really like what they've done with the place. Animal exhibits were moved around, (some animals were missing . . .) and the added the "Island of Life" or something like that. Let me just say that I have a new love for bats. These little creatures were so cute just hanging there sleeping. Awe. What else. Oh, the bobcat was tres cute - those big paws and adorable face . . . and the penguins. The birds were cute, but those kids! I guess if it's their first time seeing them it would be okay to scream about them, but oh well. The zoo's really for kids anyway. My other new favourite animals are otters (AKA Hermione's patronus). Very playful. We all wanted to be those otters in this heat - just swimming around saying "look at me, look at me - I'm cute and in water and you are not!"

Man, the heat takes it out of you. After just walking around outside, one get just too exhausted. And look, Ma - no sunburns! I wore sunscreen and a very cute hat.

Methinks I should get at least a disposable camera to show some pictures now and again. Hmph.

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mayerle said...

You're oooold now.

On another note, the zoo sounds like fun. The last time I went to the zoo was with my little brothers, which is never a very enjoyable trip.