02 January 2008

Resolution: Knit and Post

It's 2008, and I suppose my resolution should be to keep up with my blog. I'm crafting more and more, so this shouldn't be a problem . . . maybe. I've decided to frog the HP scarf when I get back to school. The cats peed on it in the summer, and I just might as well throw it - I wasn't that far. So, on the needles currently is a log cabin blanket and a couple scarves. I'm thinking about going to the library and getting some movies to watch while I knit.

Taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - he's taking off with it - I'm so proud. We went into a rather large yarn store the other day, and ah! It was great in there!

Hmm - that red purse I have on the side . . . I don't know exactly where I put it. Hmm.

Have a great new year - Happy Crafting!

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