18 January 2008

Don't Panic!

"Don't ever forget your towel . . ."

Sitting here watching HG2G - fantastic!

This semester is starting along greatly. I like most of my classes, I get to see my friends here, and the best part of all, it feels like home. I'm trying to knit more - I really do love it - and instead of just watching many movies, I shall watch many movies while knitting - woot!!!

As I've said, I taught the dear boyfriend how to knit - finally I got a picture:

Other news, I finished a scarf. It's a simple knit-longways-with-many-colors, and I love it.

Thanks to the DB for the use of his cell phone camera!

Back to knitting . . . or Ravelry . . . or knitting. Knitting AND Ravelry? Ta-ta.

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