30 July 2008

July! July!

So it's July. Almost August. Wow. It's been a long summer. Over the summer, I have accomplished 7 things:

1. Held a long-distance relationship with the boyfriend and we're still mad for each other
2. Worked a 5-day-a-week job
3. Finally have money (from said job)
4. Learned to knit more advanced things
5. Learned to spin yarn on a drop spindle
6. Wanted to go back to school to see much missed friends and weather
7. Learned even more about myself - I love it when that happens (I think)


On to knitting, spinning, and such:

I have learned to spin! I have two spindles. The one I love is made by Rosemary from www.rosemaryknits.blogspot.com. Check her out! Oh, and here is the spindle with some turquoise wool 1-ply yarn:

Did you notice? I got a new camera recently! YAY! Now I shall definitely blog more.

Ravelry still rocks. Please go look at it and JOIN! It's fantastic.

Must go spin.

1 comment:

Miss Lu said...

Yay for lists, new cameras, and learning things! It was great to see you today.