11 August 2008

Rainy Days Make for Fantastic Spinning

Well, I've got a lot to tell!

Firstly, Here are some pictures from a spin-in at a local coffee shop. There were six of us spinning. All of the yarn was beautiful. I worked on some light gray merino to ply with that turquoise. Luci was learning some more from Rosemary. Julie was spinning some fantastic black/white/gray alpaca. Erin started a new project and was plying on the fly! Rosemary's daughter jumped in, and before we knew it, we were spinning devils!

Here's Julie and Erin spinning up a storm!
That day was fantastic! After a while of spinning, it started to rain. Hard. And then I had to drive in it. That was a wee bit terrifying.
So, I did finish that turquoise/gray yarn. I shall post photos soon.
My parents got me a gift certificate to the LYS at home, so before I left the last knit night, I stocked up on some roving and yarn. I actually picked up some dpn's, and I'm finally going to make socks!!! Wish me luck!
Then . . .
I moved back to college yesterday! YAY! It's so wonderful here. The weather is beautiful, my best friends are here, . . . it's just fantastic.
Now I'm off to take some photos of my room, the campus, and other knitting/spinning projects; going to sew a papasan chair cushion; and just mosey around town.

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Miss Lu said...

woo-hoo, that was such a fun couple of days. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!!