29 July 2007

'ear 'ear

Ah, yes. I finished The Deathly Hallows. How wonderful is that book?!

Hmm, what else . . .
1) My head is sunburned - more hats for Sara
2) Book 7 is my favorite by far
3) How am I ever going to fit all I need in one car for college?
4) I must obsess with Doctor Who even more now that Harry Potter is over
5) I must knit more now that HP is over
6) My spotty face needs a break from the stress roller-coaster before it pukes even more spotty nastyness upon itself
7) I am going to the zoo tomorrow - haven't been in a couple years
8) Arizona Green Tea is effing addicting
9) I would like to snog someone soon . . .
10) I never realized how much I fully enjoy making lists

There you have it. You pick the next topic.

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