28 July 2007

The Only Thing Better Than Hairspray . . .

. . . That's Me!

Not so much.
Still haven't finished HP7, but I should be done in no time! *winks*
Also, not much knitting going on. (insert sad face here)
On the other hand, I saw a great film! Hairspray!

My parents and I ate some yummy Chinese food, I got a new little dress and hat, and we went to the movies. I ALSO saw my second-grade teacher and elementary science teacher there - they're so sweet. The movie rocked. I loved the girl, Nikki Blonsky, as Tracy - she's really a great dancer and an amazing singer. Ooh, and Zac Efron! I just love him. Travolta was hilarious. Everyone was fantastic. This movie is a definite must-see!

Other than personal cinema news, only about a month until I go to college! I don't know if I'm more excited than scared.

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