18 July 2007

Happy-Slappy Hoodies with ASBOs and Ringtones

I finally used a British term today without feeling awkward. I had just come back from the short walk with Kloie and was quite parched. I decided to have water with a wedge of lemon. I got what looked to be a lemon out of the fruit drawer in the fridge and cut a wedge out of it. Alas - it was a "bloody" orange. "Bloody" is indeed the term I am talking about. I think it has to do with all the Harry Potter I've been reading lately. I love Ron. *Sighs*

What else have I been doing with myself besides desperately trying to finish Book 6 before Friday evening? Oh, just seeing Movie 5, knitting a long HP scarf, and renting foreign films from the library. I watched Carnages last night. It was a pretty good movie. I really like the girl, Winnie, and I just loved listening to the French language. The bullfight was rather disturbing, but I really did like the film.

In an attempt to be more fit, I have also started walking often. I walk to the library about twice a week, and if I get up early enough when it's still cool outside, I take Kloie for a short walk. I would love to go to the Nature Center more to walk around and swim against the current of the river - anyone up for a picnic?

Dad said it's supposed to get up to 102ºF today. I can't wait to go to school just for the cooler weather!

Well, I guess I will leave you with my progress on the HP scarf (3 trapped bars done - only 11 more to go!). I need to get a digital camera, but for now I shall use the scanner.


mayerle said...

Sarah! I love your blog! It's so ... you. And I envy your profile description, "a college girl".
Regarding your actual post, I always feel awkward using Brit terms...but I like the sound of them so much. I don't know if your "bloody" orange counts lol.
I wish I had enough motivation to take walks and exercise more...but I don't so I'll just envy your determination also.
-Lauren :)

Sara said...

Lauren! Thank you for coming to my blog! This should be where I will keep everyone up to date with college, crafts, and the like. I love England - and my roommate does, too, even more than me! As for that walking, exercise thing . . . well, I walked my dog again today, but I made scones this morning, and I had a yummy and unique grilled cheese sandy, and I've just been eating a lot lately. I just love food - it's all so good!!! But, I should have more opportunity to work out at college - hopefully. And you? Need exercise?! Pff . . .
Anyway, thanks again for the comment, and make sure to tell others about it!
Sara Lu